Abbie provided an excellent course on how to be a dynamic and effective non-profit board member. In my professional career I have been employed by, provided services for and founded non-profit organizations. The time I spent in her classroom was illuminating and encouraging. After taking her course, I am far better equipped to help my organization reach its goals.

Dwayne Nitz, President, Board of Directors
Lewis and Clark School


Fundraising fits like a glove for Abbie. Raising money is a genuine vocation for her. It’s a calling the way some people are called to ministry or medicine. She’s very affirming of everyone in the process, so she makes you feel good about what you’re doing.

Reverend Dr. Peter B. Ives, Pastor
First Churches, Northampton, Mass.


Abbie’s vision helped the VA Capitol Foundation expand the scope of our mission beyond preservation matters to include comprehensive educational programs. She made an indelible impact on our mission, educational programs and interactions with major donors. A development consultant should have depth of knowledge, an understanding of what’s needed and the ability to reach an audience. Abbie excels at all three.

Alice Lynch, Executive Director
Virginia Capitol Foundation, Richmond, Va.



Abbie grasps challenges right away. She gets it instantly. Working with her allowed me to think deeply about the organization’s fundraising priorities. Our conversations prompted me to take the steps that needed to be taken to make things happen in the best interests of the organization.

Kate Saunders
Vice President, Advancement
The Trustees of Reservations
Beverly, MA

I went to Abbie for all my startup issues — organization development, fundraising, board composition, grant applications and not-for-profit management. She’s lighthearted, but very serious and direct. Strong, but fun. I always thank her when I get another award.

Rob Cradle
Managing Director
Rob’s Barbershop
Community Foundation
Odenton, MD