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"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.Helen Keller."

Women’s Resources

Boston University Women’s Center
Provides links and information about local resources for women, as well as a calendar of local events around women’s issues.

Catalyst, Inc
Provides and conducts research on all aspects of women’s career advancement in wide range of fields, and provides strategic and web-based consulting services globally.

Center for the American Woman and Politics (Rutgers)
Provides quick facts about women in American electoral politics with up-to-date information on the current Congress and comprehensive data on New Jersey.

Feminist Majority Online
Provides information on global plights of women, Title IX and other legislation, women in law enforcement agencies, emergency help resources, women’s health, and student activism.

Giving Circles Network
Assists Giving Circles and other individual donors in making their contributions more meaningful.

Institute for Women’s Policy Research
Provides and publishes research in a variety of topics: employment, education, government, poverty and income security, work and family, and health and safety.

International Center for Research on Women
Works to empower women, advance gender equality and fight poverty in the developing world. ICRW works with partners to conduct empirical research, build capacity and advocate for evidence-based, practical ways to change policies and programs.

Joanna Krotz
Offers articles written over the past several years by this author about women’s philanthropy; the writer of the annual Town & Country June issue on philanthropy; author of 2009 Guide to Intelligent Giving.

National Breast Cancer Coalition
Provides nation’s largest breast cancer advocacy group, provides information on legislative priorities, congressional voting records, treatment programs, and grassroots advocacy campaigns.

National Giving Circle Knowledge Center
Provides a wide variety of resources on giving circles. Throughout history, passionate individuals have joined together to make life better in their communities. Today, thousands of donors have pooled their money, energy, and ideas to create giving circles.

National Council for Research on Women
Provide a network of more than 100 leading U.S. advocacy, research, and policy centers with initiatives on economic security; corporate women; leadership, diversity, and higher education; science and technology; and girls growing up in the United States.

National Council of Women’s Organizations
Provides nonprofit coalition that represents over 11 million women across the United States.

Sally Helgesen
Offers information on various books on women’s leadership and women in the work place: The Female Advantage; The Web of Inclusion; and forthcoming book, The Female Vision.

United Way of America; Women’s Leadership Council
Seeks to improve people’s lives by mobilizing the caring power of women in our communities. The council, representing United Way programs throughout the United States, has worked since 2004 to energize and inspire women to make a difference – by advocating for issues important to them, taking a leadership role in advancing the United Way’s work, and making a personal financial commitment.

U.S. Small Business Association’s Online Women’s Business Center
Provides resource for women looking to start their own small business, with online links to mentoring programs and a list of local and statewide women’s business centers.

Wellesley Centers for Women
Provides a vast collection of research on issues relating to women in America, dating back to the 1970s.

Women Doing Well

Women in Development: Greater Boston, Mass.; Greater Worcester, Mass.; National Capital Area, N.Y.; New York City; Mercer County, N.J.; and others
Offers a variety of programs, services and opportunities for volunteer involvement, professional development and networking in the Advancement field.  A membership organization in different areas, members help one another develop and improve professional skills, share information about employment opportunities, and foster a climate which promotes professional achievement.

Women Donors Network

Women’s eNews
Is the definitive source of substantive news covering issues of particular concern to women and providing women’s perspectives on public policy.

Women’s Funding Network
Provides an international organization with over 100 member funds that are committed to improving the status of women and girls locally, nationally and globally. Also works to strengthen and empower member funds.

Women and Philanthropy; a project of the Council on Foundations
Offers a network and a voice for positive change in the field of philanthropy.  Works to increase the amount of philanthropic dollars awarded to programs for women and girls.

Women & Philanthropy/Ann Castle bibliography
Is for researching Web sites of interest on the topic of women and philanthropy. The content provided on this Web site is for information only and is not endorsed by the editors of the Women in Philanthropy Web site. The Women in Philanthropy Web site does not make grants or gifts – this is an information only Web site.

Women in Philanthropy (Western Massachusetts)
Is a professional organization for women in western Massachusetts for those who are, have been or wish to be, affiliated with nonprofit organizations, whose primarily responsibilities include generated resources. It is their mission of Women in Philanthropy to support the professional advancement of its members.

Women in Philanthropy (South Carolina)
Women in Philanthropy (WIP) is an organization of women business and community leaders who believe that together we can make a difference in the heart of the South Carolina.

Women’s Philanthropy Institute
The Center on Philanthropy, Indiana University
Helps women understand their full potential and capabilities as financial donors, and to inspire women to fulfill their philanthropic potential.

The Women’s Sports Foundation
Provides a charitable educational organization dedicated to advancing the lives of girls and women through sports and physical activity. It is also the #1 source for women’s sports information.

The Women’s Times
Is an award-winning publication for women in the Berkshires and Pioneer Valley regions of MA. Founded in 1993, it is the region’s premier venue for reaching women—the world’s most powerful consumers.


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